2nd Annual Thoreau Leave No Trace Trail- Flintlock District

2nd Annual Thoreau Leave No Trace Trail- Flintlock District
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Concord Train Depot 90 Thoreau St
Concord, MA 01742, US
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2nd Annual

Thoreau Leave No Trace Trail Hike

July 12, 2018


Trip Description:  1 day hike approximately 10 miles throughout Concord, Massachusetts.


Boy Scouts of America National Historic Thoreau Leave No Trace Trail opened in 2017 on the 200th Anniversary of Thoreau’s Birthday.


Scouts who hike the trail will visit over a dozen sites that demonstrate Thoreau's rich life and Leave No Trace principles. The trail ends at Walden Pond where swimming is open to the public.


In Concord, MA, this 10-mile trail was created with the help of the Thoreau Society and Thoreau Farm: Birthplace of Henry David Thoreau and is sponsored by Concord Scout House.

To earn one of the very first Thoreau Leave No Trace Trail medals, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Hike at least from Concord Train Depot along the designated trail to Walden Pond Visitor’s Center (the return to Concord Train Depot is optional)
  • Wear Class A or Class B uniform while hiking the trail
  • Complete the questionnaire and submit it to Mr. Owen


When:  Thursday, July 12, 2018

Muster Time & Location:  Thursday July 12 at 8:30 AM @ Concord Train Depot

Return Time & Location:  Thursday July 12 between 5:00 PM


Honchos: David Owen: Concord Unit Commissioner (781-879-4714) david.owen@concordscouthouse.org


Transportation:  Hikers should find their own transportation to Concord Train Depot.  Drivers should coordinate logistics of retrieving cars to pick hikers up at Walden Pond and transport them to the Thoreau Farm at the end of the hike.


Scouts food planning:

  1. Eat a hearty breakfast before arriving.
  2. Bring high protean snacks, lunch and water.  (There will be the opportunity to refill water bottles at the halfway point at Thoreau Farm.)


Merit Badges to Pursue:  Hiking Merit Badge (10 hike).  Scouts are responsible for any merit badge prep-work that needs to get completed prior to the trip.  Feel free to contact a MB counselor prior to trek.



  • Muster at 8:30 AM at Concord Train Station at 90 Thoreau Street.
  • Hike to Concord Library.
  • Hike from Library to Thoreau’s Grave Site by way of sites in Concord Center.
  • Hike to Thoreau Farm to see the room Thoreau was born in and a replica of Thoreau’s Walden Cabin
  • Hike from Thoreau Farm to Concord Museum to see Thoreau’s Desk
  • Take the Emerson-Thoreau Amble from the Museum to Thoreau’s Cabin Site
  • Hike from Thoreau’s Cabin Site, around pond to the Walden Pond beach and Visitors’ Center
  • SWIM


Personal Equipment

  1. Class A or B for hiking
  2. Class A for attending birthday celebration
  3. Good boots or shoes with plenty of toe room for wool socks.  The trail is primarily concrete, asphalt and hard packed earth
  4. Bring a lunch
  5. Two thick pairs of wool or poly socks with three thin inner poly layer socks.  No cotton socks!  Bring at least an extra pair for sock changes.
  6. Daypack
  7. Fleece pullover or coat as weather dictates.
  8. Shell top and wind/water resistant pants as weather dictates.
  9. Poly or wool hat/cap as weather dictates.
  10. Warm, water-resistant mittens (or gloves if you must), liners if mittens are lighter as weather dictates.
  11. Water container.  One liter will probably do, because there are many places to refill water.
  12. Smartphones permitted with Google maps and or AllTrails installed for navigation

The Spirit of Adventure Council, Boy Scout of America