The Great Scout Cook-Off ~ West Wind District

The Great Scout Cook-Off ~ West Wind District
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Harold Parker Road
Andover, MA 01810, US
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Great Scout Cook Off Camporee Details

  1. All units must check in with Camporee Registration upon arrival.
  2. All units shall submit a Patrol roster of all participants and note the location where they have set up their camp if they are camping.  
  3. Troops shall provide their own food.
  4. Each participating troop will provide a judge for the weekend
  5. Scoutmasters should bring their offerings at the times listed below
  1. All units are responsible for keeping a copy of their members’ medical forms.
  2. Prizes will be presented on the Sunday morning
  3. There will be Portable restrooms at the area for your convenience
  4. There will be a campfire permit in place for Troops camping on the Friday and Saturday night.  Please bring an above ground fire pit and your own wood; there is no wood available at the Park. 
  5. Pack It In, Pack It Out. Please keep the Park clean, we want to be welcomed back, take your trash home.  Think about repackaging ingredients before the campout!
  6. Meals should be accompanied by a legible recipe card, details of any allergens.  Meals should also follow MyPlate guidelines
  7. Think rank advancement, cooking merit badge, camping merit badge requirements.


Time Line for The Great Scout Cook OFF

May 18th        5pm   The Park should be open for overnight Campers

May 19th       One portion of each meal should be delivered to the main tent at the following times

Breakfast                   – 8.30am

Trail mix                     – 10.30am

Lunch (trail meal)       – 12.30pm

Afternoon tea             – 3.30pm

Dinner                        – 6.00pm

Dessert                      – 6.30pm

Cracker barrel           – 9.00pm


Judges will also be traveling around the campsites during the afternoon between 2.00pm and 5.00pm

  1. Patrol Camp Kitchen set up
  2. Troop Gateway
  3. Camp Gadgets

Judges will be looking for

  1. Originality and Design
  1. A displayed duty roster
  2. Lashing expertise
  3. Usefulness of kitchen gadgets


7.00pm All camp campfire – come prepared with skits, songs, run-ons and tales!


May 20th         8.30am           Scouts Own service

                       9.00am           Presentation of Prizes

                       10.30am         Leave Camp

Contact E-mail
$10.00 per Adult
$10.00 per Scout

The Spirit of Adventure Council, Boy Scout of America