Flintlock District 2nd Annual Patriots Day Hike

Flintlock District 2nd Annual Patriots Day Hike
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St Brigid Chruch, 2001 Mass Ave.
Lexington, MA 02421, US
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Flintlock District

2nd Annual Patriots Day Hike

16 April 2017


Hello Troops and Crews of Flintlock District!

You are invited to the first annual Flintlock District Patriots Day Hike.  This hike is an opportunity to join other scouts within the district for Patriots Day.  We will see the battle reenactment at Lexington Common, the parade through Concord and the reenactment at North Bridge.  This is a great opportunity to walk the Sons of Liberty Trail as the British Regulars marched in 1775.  We hope you will join us for this exciting adventure.

This is a great way to work on rank advancement requirements, specifically.

  • Tenderfoot: 6(a,b,c)
  •  Second Class: 3(a,b,c,d), 7a
  • First Class: 1(a,b), 4(a,b), 8(a,b), 10
  • Backpacking: 6b, 9
  • Hiking: 3, 4, 6 

Who: All Boy Scout Troops and Crews (ages 10 ½ ) are invited.

What: District hike along the Sons of Liberty Trail, (estimated 10 miles).  Starts at the Lexington Common following the “Battle Road” and ends at Concord North Bridge.

Where: Along the Sons of Liberty Trail which follows the “battle road”.  Breakfast will be included at the Lions Club in Concord.

When: Patriots Day April 16th at 4:30 AM.  We understand the start time is unusually early.  It is because of the reenactments at Lexington that it is scheduled at this time.  We want to give you and your units the time to find good spots for viewing the action on the green.  In future hikes and trails the start time will be later in the morning and will not require such an early start.

Cost: $10, this covers the District Hike patch and breakfast.

What to bring: Good walking shoes.  Scouts are expected to be in troop scarf or Class B clothing.  Class A is not required.  Bring water bottles or hydration packs.  Backpacks would be encouraged for those training for Philmont or High venture trips or carrying hiking essentials.  You may want to bring snacks, 10 miles is a long hike.

Logistics:  You may want to arrive early to Lexington.  Parking in the town centers will be closed and crowded.  In Concord, best area to park is around Emerson Park.  This is close to the Scout house and center of town.  NO TRANSPORTATION WILL BE PROVIDED TO LEXINGTON AFTER THE HIKE.  Please plan accordingly.

Leaders will meet at St. Brigid Church, 2001 Mass Ave., Lexington at 4:30am for last minute details and packets.

For question contact Patrick at prezac7@gmail.com

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$10.00 per Participant

The Spirit of Adventure Council, Boy Scout of America