Northern Light District Spring Camporee 2020

Northern Light District Spring Camporee 2020
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12 West Shore Park Road
Kingston, NH 03833, US
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Northern Light District

 2020 Spring Camporee

“Around the World”


May 15 – 17, 2020

Lone Tree Scout Reservation

Kingston, NH


All units must check in at Camporee Headquarters (Scouters’ Lodge) upon arrival.   All units shall submit a roster of all participants and note the location where in camp that they have set up their camp. 

Medical Forms

All units are responsible for keeping a copy of their members’ medical forms. 


All unit vehicles must be parked in the parking lots as directed by event staff.  No parking will be allowed in camping areas or along the road by campsites.  

Units will be allowed to unload their vehicles at or near their camping sites but must move all vehicles back to the parking lots.  Unit trailers may be parked near the unit’s camping area but must be parked in a manner that will not obstruct any camp traffic.  Tow vehicles will not be allowed to remain hitched to trailers at campsites.  Absolutely no vehicles will be allowed on the ball field.

For each vehicle, units will be given a form on which to show their unit number and are asked to put this form on the dashboard of each vehicle.  This will aid event staff in contacting the driver should the car need to be moved or any other problem arises.

Parking at Scouters’ Lodge will be for event staff only and unit trailers.  Vehicles may not be left hooked to trailers at this location.

Camping Areas

Camping areas will not be assigned; units are welcome to set up most anywhere in the camp.  Some areas will be reserved for program and will be off limits to camping – units will be advised of those areas upon arrival.  No camping on the ball/parade field. 

Leader Meeting and Crackerbarrel

This is a mandatory meeting for Scoutmasters and SPLs beginning at 9:00 PM on Friday at Scouters’ Lodge.  Any unit not in camp overnight must send representatives to this meeting. 


Units are asked to take all trash out of camp with them.


New Hampshire law now prohibits people from bringing firewood across the state line into New Hampshire.  There is some wood available at the camp. 

Saturday Night Campfire

A traditional campfire will be held that will be hosted by a troop yet to be named.  Troops should plan on doing a song or skit at the campfire. 

Scoutmaster/Asst. Scoutmaster – Position Specific Training

The district training team will be holding Scoutmaster/Assistant Scoutmaster Specific training in Scouters’ Lodge staring at 9:00 AM.  This course will run for about four hours.  The course is open to all adults and there is no fee.  Scouts and adults not attending the training are asked to be courteous to those in the program while it is running


Scouts will travel from nation to nation to take part in various activities.  Each patrol will carry a passport to have stamped at each location.

Cooking Competition

Units are welcome to prepare a dish (main dish or dessert) from somewhere around the world (not American).  A page with the troop and patrol name, the name of the dish, what nation or area of the world the dish is from, and a list of ingredients must be submitted with the dish. Units are asked to inform the event chairman of their intent to submit an entry to this competition.



Friday, May 18


5:00 PM      Registration/check-in begins - units set up camp sites


9:00 PM      Leader meeting (SMs and SPLs) and cracker-barrel


Saturday, May 19


9:00 AM     Opening Ceremony at Fort Preble


9:15 AM     Program begins


11:30 AM   Lunch break


12:45 PM    Program resumes


4:30 PM      Program ends


5:30 PM       Cooking judging begins


7:00 PM      Cooking judging ends


8:30 PM      Campfire


Sunday, May 20


Overnight units break camp

$8.00 per Scout
$8.00 per Scout Leader
$5.00 per Webelos
$5.00 per Webelos Leaders
Late fee
After 4/9/2020 a fee of $2.00 will apply to all Scout Registrants.
After 4/9/2020 a fee of $2.00 will apply to all Scout Leader Registrants.
After 4/9/2020 a fee of $2.00 will apply to all Webelos Registrants.
After 4/9/2020 a fee of $2.00 will apply to all Webelos Leaders Registrants.

The Spirit of Adventure Council, Boy Scout of America