Northern Light District Fall Camporee 2019 Registration
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Northern Light District Fall Camporee 2019
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791 East Broadway
Haverhill, MA 01832, US
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2019 Northern Light District

Fall Camporee

“Pumpkin STEM”


November 8 – 10, 2019

Kimball Farm 791 East Broadway Haverhill, MA


$12.00 per Scout or Scout Leader

$5.00 per Webelos or Webelos Leader (non overnight)

$2.00 per person later fee for registrations after November 1



Rube Goldberg Pumpkin Transport

Patrols are challenged to move a pumpkin from a starting point at ground level to a 3-foot-high platform located ten feet away. 

This is a pioneering and mechanical engineering challenge and all elements of your machine must be built using logs, sticks and rope.  No lumber allowed.  All joints must be lashed.  The patrol is required to build the platform as well as the mechanism to traverse the ten feet and elevate the three feet. The pumpkin must get from the start to the finish without human interaction.  The machine must also have a minimum of four distinct mechanical steps.  To be considered a success, the pumpkin must stay on the platform at the end of the challenge. Basically, for those who remember this, it is to be a “Rube Goldberg” machine where you initiate the action and the machine does all the work without being touched by anyone except for the starting action.

Pumpkin Dish Cooking

Units are welcome to prepare dishes made from fresh pumpkins. The dishes may be main dishes, side dishes, or desserts. They must be prepared and cooked at the Camporee site by the Scouts. Judging for these will be between 5:00 PM and 6:30 PM on Saturday.


$12.00 per Scout
$12.00 per Scout Leader
$5.00 per Webelos/Webelos Leader (Non-Overnight)
Late fee
After 11/1/2019 a fee of $2.00 will apply to all Scout Registrants.
After 11/1/2019 a fee of $2.00 will apply to all Scout Leader Registrants.
After 11/1/2019 a fee of $2.00 will apply to all Webelos/Webelos Leader (Non-Overnight) Registrants.

The Spirit of Adventure Council, Boy Scout of America