Northern Light District Klondike Derby 2020 Registration
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Northern Light District Klondike Derby 2020
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693 Main St
West Newbury, MA 01985, US
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2020 Northern Light District

Klondike Derby


When:         February 7 – 9, 2020      

Where:        Mill Pond Recreation Area

                   West Newbury, MA

Cost:           $8.00 per Scout or Scout Leader ($10 after 1/20/20)

                   $5.00 per Arrow of Light Scout or Leader (non-overnight)

                               ($7 after 1/20/20)

Competitions:       Klondike Derby with Cooking



Patrols will travel through the “Klondike” from town to town to take part in activities. Patrols will earn gold nuggets according to how well they do on each activity. Patrols must have a sledge (sled) for the event.

At the end of the program, patrols will go to the “Assay Office” to turn in their gold nuggets for Klondike script. They will use the script to purchase food ingredients to make and cook a one serving meal for judging.

For the cooking, patrols must bring their own base protein, such as a meat. Patrols can only use the base protein, the items purchased at the Klondike General Store, and spices and condiments from their patrol box. Anything else will detract from their score. Note that the cooking portion is not a separate competition, it is part of the overall competition and all patrols must take part to score in the competition.


Patrols must have the following items with them, either on their sled or on their person:

1. Matches

2. Hand axe

3. First aid kit

4. A minimum of 3 pocket knives

5. 8 eight-foot lengths of whipped rope (recommend a minimum of 3/8 inch thick rope)

6. Drinking water for all patrol members

7. Wooden or rubber mallet 8. Six metal spikes/tent stakes

9. A tarp – minimum size of 8’ x 10’

10. A money bag (to carry earned gold)

11. Two six-foot poles

12. A musical instrument



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$5.00 per Arrow of Light Scout
$8.00 per Scout
$8.00 per Scout Leader
Late fee
After 1/20/2020 a fee of $2.00 will apply to all Arrow of Light Scout Registrants.
After 1/20/2020 a fee of $2.00 will apply to all Scout Registrants.
After 1/20/2020 a fee of $2.00 will apply to all Scout Leader Registrants.

The Spirit of Adventure Council, Boy Scout of America