Virtual Speaker Series - July 2 - Emmanuel Owusu

Virtual Speaker Series - July 2 - Emmanuel Owusu
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7/2/2020 1:30 PM
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Virtual Speaker Series- July 2nd - Emmanuel Owusu

Emmanuel is the co-founder and Executive Director of African Bridge Network. The organization really came to be when Emmanuel recognized Richie, the cashier at a local retail shop, as an African and decided to engage with him which cashing out. Richie was a recent immigrant originally from Ghana, under thirty years of age, and had a college degree in Engineering. As an African immigrant himself, Emmanuel recognized himself in Richie’s story. The most surprising aspect of Richie’s story to Emmanuel was Richie’s plan to reinvent himself by going into nursing school at the advice of some of this friends. After a few follow-up calls, Emmanuel successfully convinced Richie that engineering was still a viable path forward.

This encounter highlighted a need in the fast growing 82,000 African-born immigrant communities in Massachusetts. Unlike other immigrant communities, the African immigrant community is often highly proficient in English and among the most highly educated populations in the US with 47% holding a college education, African immigrants are known to be persistent in pursuing their goals. Despite these positive attributes, the African community tends to fare poorly in the labor market. This phenomenon is referred to as “Brain Drain:” the underutilization of skills and knowledge.

African Bridge Network (ABN) was established in 2015 in response to this need. ABN is a 501(c)3 organization that aims to create a supportive community that enables African immigrants in Massachusetts to leverage their qualifications and experiences in order to maximize their potential.




New England Base Camp is dedicated to serving families by providing programs and resources that enable and empower communities to work together to raise children of character. Typically, we do this through our interactive Outdoor Education, STEM and civic resources. However, throughout the “Stay at Home” season we have adapted those resources to meet needs of youth and families through virtual programs. One of those programs is our Virtual Speaker Series.

The programs can be used to enhance your child’s extracurricular activities or educational objectives. New England Base Camp is founded on the principals of the BSA curriculum and supports Scouts throughout all our programs. New England Base Camp seeks to build and support a diverse community of people who come from and interact with folks from every community we serve. Every person who participates in New England Base Camp has a right to expect an environment that is welcoming and values the richness of their lives and experience.

Each session is free, but space is limited, so be sure to register online. 

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