2020 Adventure Card Replacement Requests
Please complete the entire form to request a replacement for a lost or damaged Adventure Card. Please allow 2-3 weeks for the replacement cards

*What is the name of the Card Holder?
This is the name of the person who the card is issued to.
*What is the Street Address of the Card Holder?
This must match the street address in the Card Holder's profile
*What is the City of the Card Holder's Address
*What is the State of the Card Holder's address
*What is the Postal Code for the Card Holder's Address
*Is the mailing address the same as Card Holder's address?
The replacement Adventure Card will be mailed so if the mailing address is different than the profile address above, please choose no
Card Holder's User ID?
If you do not know the User ID, leave this blank

The Spirit of Adventure Council, Boy Scout of America