Recruiting Events Form- Fall 2019
Rocket Program, Digital Marketing & Flyer Request Form
Would you like to request Recruitment Flyers for your Events?
Please check if you'd like printed flyers, a pdf, or both.

*National BSA is sponsoring digital and social media marketing of recruiting events. Potential members around your event will be encouraged to join Cub Scouts and attend your event. Please let us know if you want to participate and have event(s) described below be be boosted in your area through digital marketing.
*Is your Pack recruiting Girls?
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To qualify for the "Rocket Program" and have new members receive a free rocket, your unit must host 3 events, so be sure to tell us all 3 event details.
First Recruitment Event Type
First Recruitment Event Date, Time, Location & Address

Second Recruitment Event Type
Second Recruitment Event Date, Time, Location & Address

Third Recruitment Event Type
Third Recruitment Event Date, Time, Location & Address

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